Racing Ricciardo (Limited Edition) – DG Designs
Racing Ricciardo (Limited Edition) - DG Designs
Racing Ricciardo (Limited Edition) - DG Designs

Racing Ricciardo (Limited Edition)

Another home grown hero, Daniel (heartthrob) Ricciardo. Did you know that this speedy Gonzales’ nick name is Dare Dan? We know why…I wouldn’t be driving that fast anytime soon. (Unless of course, my salary was also 17M like our good friend here)

Drawn by Melbourne designer, Dom Gauci – this limited edition collection has a small release of 100 prints. Each piece is hand made to order in Melbourne, professionally framed using Australian Timber (if framed is selected) and is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Look out for the DG holographic sticker to confirm the limited release!

All artworks are printed on archival paper. Size refers to the size of the print. Framed items come with additional white mount (making the overall size bigger) Find dimensions here

Frameless: A4 = 21x29cm, A3 = 29x42cm, 60x90= 60x90cm, 80x110 = 80x110cm

Framed: A4 = 30x39cm, A3 = 42x54cm, 60x90 = 73x103cm, 80x110 = 93x123cm